Environmental Health Officer

Programs Team

The Environmental Health Officer is part of the Programs Team of Mawarnkarra Health Service. The Service’s objective is to provide holistic, primary health care services to the Aboriginal people of the West Pilbara region.

20 Sholl Street, Roebourne, WA 6718.

Programs Manager

37.5 hours per week Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:45pm with 45minutes (unpaid) for lunch daily. You are to be ready for work no later than 8:30am daily.

Other conditions of employment are identified in your contract for employment.

All Mawarnkarra employees are required to comply with all policies in force at the time of commencement of employment and those implemented from time to time.

As part of the orientation program, employees are required to sign declarations and agreement pursuant to policies of the Health Service.

To ensure that communities remain ‘environmentally healthy’ through regular checking of housing, drinking water, waste water systems, solid waste systems, pest control, animal management such as dog health, emergency management and including health promotion.


  • Ability to contribute to a friendly working environment.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment.
  • Ability to prioritise workload.
  • A basic understanding of the risks of the spread of disease.
  • A good understanding of WH&S issues as they relate to the performance of the job (for example the safe handling of equipment and chemicals).
  • Ability to follow directions.
  • Motivation to provide service excellence.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to seek the advice and support of the Programs Manager when necessary.
  • Commitment to ongoing participation in education, professional development, and quality assurance.


1. Environmental health:

  • Promote and implement environmental and public health amenity and safety standards.
  • Provide services to clients and community members that assist them to keep hygienic and safe living conditions for example conduct garden cleaning and rubbish removal programs.
  • Conduct projects including but not limited to, dog and cat breeding controls, domestic animal hygiene control, mosquito management, noise, wastewater and other matters relevant to Environmental Health.
  • Assist with Health Promotional activities as requested.
  • Provide excellent client service and deal effectively with other employees and members of the community.
  • Liaise with stakeholders such as council officers and visiting specialists such as vets
  • Contribute to Mawarnkarra’s overall objectives and achievement of goals and assist other staff where appropriate.
  • Assist other Environmental Health Officers with the performance of their duties and work within a team environment.
  • Enter data on programs to a high standard of efficiency and in a manner consistent with the policies of the organization.
  • Provide reports as requested and required from time to time.

2. Professional responsibilities:

  • Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.
  • Help reduce the risk of spread of infection by providing a clean and safe environment.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and compliance with all Mawarnkarra policies and procedures.

Participate in maintaining a safe working environment.

1. Service Delivery – Ensure that MHS continues to offer services to the towns of
– Roebourne
– Wickham
– Karratha
– Cheeditha
– Mingallatharndu
– Weymal Community
– Ngurrawanna Community
– Bindi Bindi (Onslow)

2. Reporting Highlights – Ensure that EH has data including numbers of services and pictures of improvements for all significant undertakings within the community for the purposes of annual reporting.

3. Best Practice – Ensure MHS is utilising best practice models and framework for its EH delivery and that this is documented for reporting purposes.

4. Networks & Partnerships – Ensure ongoing relationship with Karratha rangers and EHO and Ashburton Shire EH Coordinator. Look into growing partnerships to include mutually beneficial relationships that will increase results.

5. Identified Health Priorities – Community Plans addressing key Health areas for focus should be kept updated and recorded for reporting purposes.

6. Identify Areas of Neglect – Record and document areas of EH that you feel could do with more financial support in order to gain greater results.

7. Identify Community Needs – Record and document needs of the communities that go beyond the normal EH budget constraints to increase overall health and well-being.

8. Health Issues & Trends – Record and Document any trends that you notice within the community.

You will need to discuss these KPI’s with your line manager, Programs Manager. You should establish current levels and together decide on appropriate targets for the future.

Your Manager will liaise with HR to ensure your KPI’s are entered into your appraisal for evaluation and accountability.

You will be assessed on your ability to achieve results when it is time for your appraisal and you should be aiming for constant improvement.

Attend and participate in the professional development program and relevant external seminars and conferences, as approved.

Performance will be appraised on an on-going basis and formally at the first 3 months and annually thereafter.

Consent to a Working with Children Check and a National Police Certificate. Employment is conditional pending the outcome of these checks.

All employees are subject to regular random drug and alcohol testing.

Please email your resume and application for a role through to hrofficer@mhs.org.au. You will receive confirmation that your application has been received. Should we progress your application to interview, we will contact you to arrange.

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