Midwife Registered Nurse

Clinical Services Team

The Midwife is part of the Clinical Team of Mawarnkarra Health Service (MHS). The Service objective is to provide access to and deliver quality medical services to improve the physical, spiritual, cultural, social and emotional wellbeing of the families of the Roebourne area. MHS aspires to be a strong, sustainable and recognised health service that builds healthier communities and positive change for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and those who call Roebourne home.

20 Sholl Street, Roebourne, WA 6718.

Clinical Manager


37.5 hours per week Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:45pm with 45minutes (unpaid) for lunch daily. You are to be ready for work no later than 8:30am daily. 

Other conditions of employment are identified in your contract for employment.

All Mawarnkarra employees are required to comply with all policies in force at the time of commencement of employment and those implemented from time to time.

As part of the orientation program, employees are required to sign declarations and agreement pursuant to policies of the Health Service.


The role of the Midwife is to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal people through the provision of culturally sensitive care to women, their partners / family and babies. The Child and Maternal Health service relies on a partnership between WA Health, maternity and community based services and Mawarnkarra.

The Midwife promotes access to midwifery services, provides midwifery services and pre and post-natal care for a period of time appropriate to the circumstances but at least to 6 weeks of age (in accordance with AHPRA registration for midwifery requirements).


  • AHPRA Certified Midwife
  • Motivation to provide service excellence.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently.
  • Demonstrated capacity to work in a collaborative manner with staff.
  • Good oral and interpersonal communications skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to problem solve issues on a day to day basis.
  • Ability to discuss and explain complex issues to clients.
  • Ability to undertake client, partner and family healthy pregnancy educationDemonstrated high level of clinical skills relevant to the position.
  • Demonstrated high level of clinical skills relevant to the position.
  • A demonstrated understanding of the issues and barriers that impact upon the health outcomes of Aboriginal women and babies.
  • Commitment to ongoing participation in education, professional development, evidence based research and quality assurance.


1. Midwifery services:

  • Provide comprehensive, safe and effective evidence based nursing and midwifery care.
  • Provide education and support to clients during pregnancy with the aim of reducing risk factors during pregnancy, including a focus on:
    • Reduced rates of prematurity in Aboriginal babies
    • Increase the access to antenatal care before 13 weeks
    • Reduced peri natal mortality
    • Reduced poor behaviours (like smoking and drinking) in pregnancy
    • Reduce low birth weight
    • Increase the proportion of breastfed babies
  • Provide a high level of clinical monitoring to pregnant women and refer to medical services as indicated.
  • Promote breastfeeding and provide support on same.
  • Provide antenatal care including booking in, assisting with client support, referrals, discharge arrangements and follow up care.
  • Provide antenatal education to both mother, partner and broader involved family.
  • Engage client with services such as Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol, plus other services provided by Mawarnkarra such as the clinic.
  • Assist with client referrals and attendance to other service providers.
  • Build positive relationships with Aboriginal Community organisations.
  • Provide postnatal care to at least six weeks and longer where appropriate.
  • Facilitate the transition of clients to Child and Family Health Services.
  • Family planning advice and education.
  • Promote strong linkages on transitioning from antenatal visits to child health visits with mothers, partner and broader family.
  • Work in collaboration with WACHS to coordinate monthly obstetric clinics to ensure appropriate specialist intervention and sharing of relevant information.
  • Coordinating 6 week postnatal checks for review with MHS doctors.
  • Coordinating 28 week antenatal appointments to ensure GP review for completion of 28 week pregnancy management plan.

2. Other Clinical Duties:

  • Promotion and clinical activities related to Women’s Health
  • Iron infusions
  • Cervical screening
  • Administration of vaccines as appropriate in pregnancy

3. Program implementation and management:

  • Work alongside the Clinical Manager and Business Development Manager (BDM) to ensure a clear understanding of Mawarnkarra key performance indicators relevant to the position. Undertake and improve activities that support these indicators.
  • Understand how the program integrates with the overall strategic direction of MHS and work with Clinical Manager to implement any new program initiatives as they arise.
  • Achieve the key performance indicators (as relevant and applicable to the position) for the Child and Maternal Health program.   Working with the BDM and Clinical Manager to ensure correct recording and clarity with the patient management system.
  • Work with the Clinical Manager in facilitating the education of staff on issues relevant to the health of midwifery clients.
  • Attend meetings with or on behalf of the Clinical Manager and provide expert input into the various working groups and program management groups.
  • Promote cooperative and collaborative working relationships with other health service providers in the area.

4. Reporting and health data responsibilities:

  • Maintain accurate clinical documentation at all times.
  • Ensure that data is at all times accurate, complete and up to date.

5. Quality improvement activities:

  • Take an active role in continual quality improvement in the delivery of client services.
  • Ensure all standards are maintained consistent with evidence based best practice standards as applicable to the role of Midwife.

6. Professional responsibilities:

  • Ensure compliance with and understanding of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board Competency standards, codes and guidelines.
  • Work in collaboration with the Clinical Manager and work colleagues on all relevant issues.
  • Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.
  • Participate in and contribute to the successful outcomes of the organisation.
  • Participate in research activities within the services as required.
  • Participate in maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Undertake activities and work direction as reasonably requested by management.

Attend and participate in the professional development program and relevant external seminars and conferences, as approved.

Performance will be appraised on an on-going basis and formally at the first 3 months and annually thereafter.

Consent to undergo a Working With Children Check and a National Police Certificate. Employment is conditional pending the outcome of these checks.

Current AHPRA Registration

Current Driver’s Licence

Current CPR Certification

COVID-19 Vaccinated

All employees are subject to regular random drug and alcohol testing.

Please email your resume and application for a role through to hrofficer@mhs.org.au. You will receive confirmation that your application has been received. Should we progress your application to interview, we will contact you to arrange.

MHS may commence appointment proceedings immediately, appoint by invitation or make no appointment at all. This opportunity is only open to candidates with the right to work in Australia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are encouraged to apply.

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