Senior Registered Nurse

Clinical Services Team

The Senior Registered Nurse is part of the Clinical Services Team of Mawarnkarra Health Service. The Service objective is to provide holistic, primary health care services to the Aboriginal people of the West Pilbara region.

20 Sholl Street, Roebourne, WA 6718.

The Senior Medical Officer


Conditions of employment as identified in your contract for employment.

All Mawarnkarra employees are required to comply with all policies in force at the time of commencement of employment and those implemented from time to time.

As part of the orientation program, employees are required to sign declarations and agreement pursuant to policies of the Health Service.

The role of the Senior Registered Nurse is to enhance the clinical services provided to clients of Mawarnkarra with the aim of improving health outcomes for Aboriginal people of the area.


  • Motivation to provide service excellence
  • Demonstrated ability to work with best practice standards
  • Demonstrated high level of clinical skills relevant to the position, particularly relevant to primary health care
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a multi disciplinary team environment
  • Demonstrated ability to problem solve issues on a day-to-day basis
  • Excellent oral and interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to discuss and explain complex issues to clients
  • An understanding of the standards required for documentation and electronic data management in health
  • A demonstrated understanding of the issues and barriers that impact upon the health outcomes of Aboriginal people
  • Commitment to ongoing participation in education, professional development, evidence based research and quality assurance


1. Client services and care

  • rovide and initiate primary health care clinical services as required and necessary.
  • Provide clinical services to clients as necessary including health checks, vene-puncture, immunisations and other tests.
  • Assist the GPs with procedures.
  • Collaborate closely with GPs and visiting specialists on care of clients.
  • Provide advice, education and referrals as necessary to clients.
  • Provide assistance or manage immunisations including the register.
  • Participate in care planning.
  • Work collaboratively with other staff including Medical staff, other Nursing staff, Receptionists, Aboriginal Health Workers and the Programs Services Team on client care.
  • Participate in case conferencing as necessary.
  • Work in collaboration with other staff at Mawarnkarra and take a leadership role in implementing education and health promotion for clients and the community.

2. Recalls and Reminders

  • Coordinate & oversee the management of recalls and reminders for the clinic. Ensure all recalling of patients for treatments is up-to-date at all times.

3. Leadership of staff
In collaboration with the Senior Medical Officer,

  • Ensure that staff are appropriate and respectful of clients, visitors and other staff at all times.
  • Ensure the effective management of appointments and walk-in patients.
  • Ensure staff are up to date in all triage and first aid requirements.
  • Ensure there is a schedule for regular review of the resuscitation trolley.
  • Ensure there is a schedule for restocking the consultation rooms including the doctors’ rooms.
  • Coordinate staff who will be screening with which doctor daily.
  • Coordinate who are the first responders for an emergency daily.
  • Take a leadership role in facilitating the education of staff on issues relevant to the health of clients.
  • Identify staff that require support and assistance in fulfilling their responsibilities and arrange for the provision of support and assistance.
  • Identify staff that may require performance management.
  • Ensure staff receive adequate supervision appropriate to their skills and experience.
  • Provide leadership in problem solving issues that arise.
  • Take a leadership role in facilitating effective and collaborative working relationships between staff.
  • Ensure regular clinical meetings between clinical staff.
  • Identify workforce needs and provide advice to the Senior Medical Officer and CEO on same.
  • Monitor and manage compliance with the policies of the health service.
  • Promote a collaborative working environment for all staff.
  • Plan and manage regular community health promotion days and other community activities that contribute to improved health outcomes through promoting preventative activities such as health checks.

4. Vaccine storage management

  • Ensure that the integrity of all immunisations is maintained.
  • Understand cold chain management and maintain the cold chain.
  • Understand all NHMRC guidelines in respect to vaccine storage and management.
  • Understand and adhere to the policies developed in regards to vaccine storage and management.

5. Infection control

  • Demonstrate leadership in maintaining infection control principles at all times.
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures in regards to infection control management.
  • Educate staff on the principles, and policies and procedures of infection control.

6. Managing pathology and medical stores

  • Maintain adequate medical and pathology supplies

7. Quality improvement activities

  • Take a leadership role in continual quality improvement in the delivery of client services.
  • Ensure all standards are maintained consistent with evidence based best practice standards as applicable to the role of Registered Nurse.

8. Professional responsibilities

  • Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.
  • Participate in and contribute to the fulfilment of operational needs of the organisation as they arise.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and compliance with all Mawarnkarra policies and procedures.
  • Participate in maintaining a safe working environment.

Attend and participate in the professional development program and relevant external seminars and conferences, as approved.

Performance will be appraised on an on-going basis and formally at the first 3 months and annually thereafter.

Current Drivers Licence

Consent to undergo a Working with Children Check and a National Police Certificate. Employment is conditional pending the outcome of these checks.

All employees are subject to regular random drug and alcohol testing.

Please email your resume and application for a role through to You will receive confirmation that your application has been received. Should we progress your application to interview, we will contact you to arrange.

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